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Photographs in Religious Artifact

Beautifying the Ritual Cakes Beautifying the Ritual Cakes Tool for the Achara Instruments for the Mask Dancer Traditional drum, bell and incense pot at Nangkor Tsechu An offering to Thongdrel at Nangkor tsechu Phallus cake in Nangkor lhakhang Painted ritual cake in the altar of Nangkor lhakhang
Traditional drum for the ritual Flower ritual cake Stacked flower and incense stick in the altar of Nangkor lhakhang Presentation of Incense stick, conch shell and flower Insence stick burning tray in the Nangkor lhakhang Bell and Dorji in Nangkor lhakhang Kagay Torma of Nangkor Lhakhang Festival Drum and Gong
Hanging bell in the Lhakhang Ritual cake at Khar lhakhang Ritual performers are performing ritual in the Khar lhakhang Mask of Maymay Kamtang Maymay Kamtang and other Atsaras are served with alcohol Butter lamp in the guest room Zhanag Nga Cham at Khar Tsechu Little monks are watching Tsechu dance at Khar Tsechu
Students presenting a cultural dance at Khar Tsechu Interior view of a pair of bird's skull at Khar village Exterior view of a pair of bird's skull Shinjay Pho Mo cham at Khar tsechu Chung cham in the altar of Khar lhakhang A gomchen is chanting prayers with his rosary Railing of a phallus design at Khar lhakhang A Gomchen is hitting the gong to gather ritual performers after break

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