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The mural painting of Drotshang Dorje Chang monastery and were painted during the Ming Dynasty

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Collections: Photos-for-Qinghai-Monasteries-Documentation

Location: Drotsang Gön


by Rinchenkhar

This is a mural painting from Drotshang Dorje Chang Monastery and a painting of Dharma teachings and desciples of the Buddha. Drotshang Dorje Chang is one of the monasteries that has the most ancient mural paintings in Amdo areas. Nowadays, more and more monasteries are being rebuilt and repaired by private donors in Tibet areas, that is to say more of these mural paintings are disapprearing yearly. So, many think that it is important to preserve this kind of paintings before the monasteries get demolished by so-called "reconstruction".

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This resource was provided by Qinghai Normal University (Qinghai Monastery Documentation Project). The copyright holder is Gya ye Drabo (only private uses permitted).

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Photographer: Gyayé Trabho (རྒྱ་ཡེ་བཀྲ་བྷོ།)

Photograph Date: 12/Oct/2011

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