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Photographs in Khothagpa

Durda lines towards the lhakhang Abhi (Grandmother) in an urinating posture Face of a durda Atsara and abhi crying Jump posture of durda Crying atsaras Crossed hand step Khothagpa villagers at the tsechu festival
Durda Skeleton dance Durda back bending Arsara holding a phallus and cymbal Dart game at the festival Three eyed creature's face on the apron Ribbon hung at the top of the black hat Black hat dancer spins
Black Hat Dance Ladies with khadar Deer mask dancers on their knee Deer dancer stands in line Mask of the deer Flying dress (skirt) Deer dance on one leg Antlers
Deer dance Phak cham on knee Left hand fringe swing Dance with fringes Phak cham New generation dance Villagers at tsechu festival blessing

Khothagpa in Places