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Photographs in Khothagpa

Nga cham practice Women (Tsepem) are rehearsing Nga chan dancers at practice Nga-ging dancers on left leg Nga-ging dancers on one leg Mask dancers practicing Nga-ging Students at rehearsal Mask dancers practicing Ju-ging
Face of a man Corn farm Lhakhang prepared for Tsechu Decorated Stupa Mask dancers at trial Mask dancers in white skirt during rehearsal Mask dancers at the rehearsal Musician of the mask dance
Khothagpa Lhakhang Stupa decorated for the Tsechu festival Senior Gomchen touches the Marchang flag A Gomchen pours alcohol back in the marchang pot A Gomchen performs marchang cermony Women (Tsepem) are singing and dancing Getting ready for Marchang ceremony Two Gomchen bend to wash their face
Gomchen blowing trumpet at their turn to wash Gomchen washes their face and head Gomchens washing their face and head getting purified Monks walks to a stream to get purified from defilements Walks for Threl Tsepem of the Tsechu villagers goes for Threl with music Gomchen and Atsara making musical sound

Khothagpa in Places