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Photographs in Pelrithang

Villagers having prasad after Naewne puja Villagers making prasad for the people who were present during the ritual Villagers making prasad for the people who were present during the ritual A lady in blue sari dancing after the ritual Villagers eating prasad after the ritual A place where hawan is performed during the ritual Tulasi plant decorated with flower garland during Naewune puja Jagay with raykhi during hawan
Villagers performing arati at the hawan place Villagers offering rice (sponsored by the villagers) during hawan Pandit pouring butter in the hawan Villagers offering prayers inside the temple Villagers performing arati inside the temple Villagers offering prayers near the hawan place holding water in their hands The Jagay is on fire during hawan Woman decorating tulasi plant with flower garland
A woman decorating tulasi plant with flower garland during the ritual Villagers decorating tulasi plant with flowerland Two women holding flower garland across the tulasi plant Woman cooking kher as a prasad for the ritual Man offering to the hawan place Rice for offering during the ritual place on the plate made out of leaves. Rice in th boul for the puja which are contributed by the villagers. The hawan place gets it's decoration before the ritual is started which is called rekha.
Rice placed on the leaves  and Kalash with flowers for the ritual Preparing for the Naewne puja Pandit drawing rakhi near Jagay where hawan is performed Pandit decorating the hawan place Rice being placed on plates made out of leaves. Village men preparing kalash with flowers for the puja. Deo placed in line Village women offering prayerd before the ritual

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