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Boys getting ready to bless two grand mothers Daw Showree group getting ready with their performance Woman standing outside her kitchen after Lakshi puja Cow Sheed made by the villagers Piled fire wood for cooking Cows near the vegetable field Green maize plant Worship place made out of cow dung and flowers during Lakshi puja
Cows feeding themselves after Lakshi puja Village people feeding their cows after Lakshi puja Village people worshiping during Lakshi puja Village people offering prayers before putting garland to cows Preparing for Lakshi puja Man putting tika to his sister during Lakshi puja Man putting tika to his brother during Lakshi puja Women after tika ceremony during Lakshi puja
Village people after Lakshi puja Man feeding cow with salt during Lakshi puja Cows after the garland ceremony Cow with his beautiful flower garland Man puts the flower garland to the cow Woman trying to apply oil to cow's fore head Woman cleansing cow's leg Villagers worshiping cows during Lakshmi puja
Women preparing for Lakshmi Puja Woman making cotton threads Woman making flower garland Dan given during Bhailoni Man playing madal during Bhailoni Girls singing during bhailoni A man playing harmone during Bhailoni night Ritual Cakes on the Altar

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