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Photographs in Cultural Event

Tsholing facing right Tsholing facing left Tsholings in circular formation Group of tsholing Whirl of tsholing Blue faced female tsholing Red faced male tsholing Tsholing on one leg
The sword tsholing dance Abhi hitting atsara Atsara on top of abhi Phallus is being pointed towards abhi Atsara lifting abhi's kira The black triangle box Abhi (Grandmother) peeps into the triangular box Durda lines towards the lhakhang
Abhi (Grandmother) in an urinating posture Face of a durda Atsara and abhi crying Jump posture of durda Crying atsaras Crossed hand step Khothagpa villagers at the tsechu festival Durda
Skeleton dance Durda back bending Arsara holding a phallus and cymbal Three eyed creature's face on the apron Ribbon hung at the top of the black hat Black hat dancer spins Black Hat Dance Ladies with khadar

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