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Achara dance in circle Acharas on their duty Butter lamp brighten the room A stupa below the Khar lhakhang All Nubchham dancers in full swing Layman's help Gonpo Gonmo while getting back Nubchham dancers entering temple after performing dance outside Gonpo and Gonmo dance back to back.
Every dancers in their on way dancing Nubchham Strong gentlemans summon near Nubchham dancers to exchange Nubchham dancers facing opposite to one another Nubchham dancers moving from place to place Nub chham performed above temple All dancers in serious action heading toward temple Old ladies walk by the dancers while they keeps on dancing Gonpo Gonmo facing temple while others bend and dance
As Nubchham dancers dance in circle layman beats drum Chhampon (lead master) in serious action beating cymbal Dransung in action as they dance in circle As Nubchham performed in circle layman beats cymbal Gonpo dancer smiles as he dance as Gonpo in Lha festival Other dancers dance while Gonpo Gonmo waits and stand Nubchham facing towards Minjay gewog on the first day while dancing Nubchham dance leaded by Chhampon with cymbal on his hand
Gonpo Gonmo Drangsung Yamphela and Chhampon walking in line Gonpo Gonmo facing back to Kisibi temple while dancing infront of temple Nubchham dance performed around 3 or 4pm in Kisibi temple during Lha festival Nub chham dance performing in circle at meadow near by temple Nub chham performed on meadow near by Kisibi temple Ladies chating near by temple cames for Lha festival Old ladies watching Nubchham sitting on the base of chorten infront of Lhakhang People in line receiving blessings from Nubchham masks

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